Merits of Responsive Web Design

Is not it sensible to build up a basic web site and design it in a logical way to suit every display That is actually what the responsive web style does. It is actually one version of the website which can be used in any device. It basically works no matter whether a PC is used, an iPhone is used or an android tablet is used. Responsive design allows you to browse and navigate anything without the problem of changing of text template when the device changes.

Users are no more concerned of downloading different versions of the same website for different devices but are facilitated to use the same version for every device. So let us look at the pros and cons of this concept. The usage of this concept benefits both the users and the owners. It avoids the users from the difficulty of having different style for different devices. The owners on the other hand do not need to change texts on several versions one by one.

Instead they change one setting and it is applied to all the devices. Another merit of using responsive web design is the avoidance of duplicate content among the searches. This avoids penalization of the web sites because of the duplicity. Having one page will avoid this issue simply when you no longer have any concern regarding penalization. Another factor that can be avoided is the ranking issue.