Simple Rules for Creating Visually Engaging Designs

In an ideal scenario, the online user must visit the website, go through its various pages and show an interest in purchasing any one of them. If you would want that to happen, follow these simple rules to have it engaging and impressive. \n Over the period of time, a lot of web pages have been added to the internet domain and hence it is quite a nerve wrecking task to get the online users to view and stay on your page. Often, a lot of websites have a similar design and feel, also, they have some what the same products and services to offer to the audience, and hence the online users lose interest in the website and often wander to some other pages. You would not want that to happen to your website. Read on to know how you may come up with an impressive and visually engaging website: \n Pay due attention to the loading time of the web pages – this is the biggest step which you can ensure, in order to have really engaging website and it is also, the most important. The web site, in order to be engaging for the audience, needs to have a really swift loading time. The time it takes for your website to load and run on the browser, is directly proportional to the bounce back time. So, if you think that people click on your website, online to close it within a few seconds, you have to pay attention to the loading time and other features of your website. There is what you can do to improve the loading time: \n Compress the size of the images – the size of the images matters a lot. If you have put up the images as it is and have forgotten to compress their sizes. Usually, if the images are in the size of various MBs and you have uploaded them directly, the website may take a while to get loaded on the page. You should first use any of the popular images compressing software, and compress its size to a few Kbs. This will ensure that your website is fast loading and really engaging. \n Steer away from using a lot of flash elements – flash, though is good for the website, but also make it a lot heavier and hence disturbs the loading time of the website. If you are concerned about the time it takes for your website to get loaded on the page then avoid using a lot of flash elements. \n Pay attention to the color scheme – the color scheme matters a lot in engaging the attention of the audiences. Your website should look professional but at the same time quite interesting and not boring. You can browse across various color schemes online, to choose one for yourself. Also, ensure that the color scheme does not put any sort of stress on the users who would read it. \n Easy navigation and search options – a good navigation scheme is not important only for the SEO purposes, but also helps the users to browse across various pages If you wish to have a good and popular website, provide enough of internal linking and good navigation. Also submit the XML site maps and provide a search box that would allow the users to easily search various pages of your website. \n Follow the above mentioned tips to have a nice and engaging website.